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The situation of Azarbaijan Shiites

The situation of Azarbaijan Shiites

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According to 2010 statistics, about 96% of the people of Azerbaijan are Muslim, and more than 80% of the Muslims in this country are Shiite. According to Haj Ali Akram Aliyev and other Islamists of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the population of the Shiites of the Republic of Azerbaijan is 85 to 90% and there are political motives in mentioning this population less. According to Article 48 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan, the government of this country is a non-religious state and has no official religion. Ilham Aliyev has been the President of Azerbaijan since 2003. Some of his policies were protested by Muslims, such as the ban on hijab in schools and universities; Prohibition of broadcasting the voice of Azan from Masjids and banning students and young people from entering Masjids ; Closure of Islamic schools and severe restrictions on islamic students; Prohibition of holding religious ceremonies and mourning in the months of Muharram and Safar outside the Masjid and Hosseiniyah; Arrest of religious activists, and destruction of some Shiite Masjids. Some have accused Aliyev of silence and lack of reaction to anti-Islamic activities: such as not preventing the publication of the book of “Satanic Verses” in Baku and supporting Rafiq Tawfiq, the author who insulted the Prophet and his household (pbut). Currently, about 200 activists and militant scholars of the Republic of Azerbaijan are being held in Baku government prisons on trumped-up charges. With the expansion of the Zionist regime’s influence and its physical presence in Azerbaijan, Iran has expressed its opposition to These acts. Following these objections, the Republic of Azerbaijan has launched a new wave of Iranophobia and severely repressed its religious activists.

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