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New crime of Saudi Arabia

New crime of Saudi Arabia

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In the previous days The Saudi government has committed a new crime against one of the detainees in the Shiite area by executing Qatif resident Maki Kazem al-Obaid. Kazem al-Obaid is a resident of the Shiite district of Umm al-Hamam in the Qatif region of eastern Saudi Arabia. He was arrested by Saudi security forces during a peaceful protest in 2011 and spent about ten years in prison In recent years, Saudi Arabia has executed or imprisoned many of its opponents under false pretenses; Actually The range of executions in Saudi Arabia goes beyond its citizens and also includes a large number of citizens of other countries The people of eastern Saudi Arabia ( specially the Shiite area ) have repeatedly demonstrated in recent years in protest of the Saudi regime’s repressive actions and the killing of dozens of protesters in the cities of Al-Awamiyah and Qatif, but each time they have faced severe repression by Al-Saud militias.

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